oh you know i jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane today. no biggie. it's what people do.

dozens of democrats apparently want biden to give up sole authority to launch the nuclear football. 😂

at least some of them know their president is senile and ultimately dangerous.

young looking woman going solo.
hooker? no. she doesn't dress like one.
serial killer on the prowl? maybe.

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sometimes i wonder what kind of unscrupulous characters i'm in the same room with in this town. then again, they have no idea of the kind that i am either.

i really enjoyed eating dinner solo tonight. don't tell him i said that.

until i sat next to him on the plane on my flight to another job. i admired his wristwatch and complemented him for having excellent taste. we got to talking about watches and cars mostly.

before deplaning, he handed me his business card with the name of his hotel written on the back. “lets do dinner sometime.” he said with a smile.

i never saw him again. i wondered if i did i’d have become wife #3, inherited 7 children and an instant billionaire.

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i remember being in a restaurant in dubai many years back. there was a business meeting of men across from me. a couple of arabs and americans having lunch.

their dessert arrived served by four russian women. the women all looked alike.. barbies. there was nothing natural about them. they sat next to each of the men whilst they fed them desserts. the one american refused company. wanted nothing to do with her.

i realised who he was, the american and thought, he’s all business. loves his wife

i forget i’m in russian barbie land whenever i’m here.

i would like to extend my deepest thanks to the stewardess on my emirates flight for feeding me non-stop.

"anything else, miss?"
"bring me everything you have."

landed to urgent news on my phone about tiger woods in a car accident. i dont care about tiger woods.

something to look forward to in the coming days. warmth. sun. beach... and i don't even hate the cold.

i currently have five cows. i inherited them and they’re my pets. i’m thinking of buying more and growing my cattle.

i’ve got horses too. lots of sheep and some goats.

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